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It’s tough to beat a Calgary summer evening entertaining friends or family on your deck.

Like any other exterior surface your deck needs to withstand the elements – including your typical Calgary winter, wild changes in temperature and humidity and the occasional hailstorm.

But your deck gets more punishment than most exterior surfaces. It sees foot traffic, “paw” traffic, patio furniture and barbeques. Rain and snow can pool on deck surfaces for days or even weeks, while most vertical siding or trim surfaces shed the elements and are at least partially protected by soffits. Deck surfaces are more exposed to direct sunlight through the day, and at that time of day when the sun is most intense.

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Life for your deck’s finish can be brutal – particularly if it’s a semi-transparent or stained deck. And without the right finish, application method and maintenance, life for your deck’s finish can be short.

Whether it’s a new or existing deck, let us put our experience and product knowledge to work to help give you just the look you want, and keep your deck looking great for the summers to come.

The deck shown here was constructed in 2004. We first stained this deck in 2007, and these pictures were taken after the first maintenance coat in late June of 2008.

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