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Interior Painting

Whether it’s a conventional brush and roll finish or the glass-like smoothness that comes with a spray finish, the fundamentals are the same.

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Thorough preparation, patience and attention to detail are among the many qualities that lead to a work that looks great and lasts.

For rooms where a lot of light falls along walls and ceilings – particularly natural light – the right combination of skill, experience and attention to detail assures a smooth, consistent finish.
Manufacturers of quality paints and stains test their product to find application methods that produce great results. Following their recommendations can only help to improve the look and durability of the finish.  

Spray Finishing and Staining

In the living room shown to the left, our client asked that the cabinet doors above the fireplace "disappear" into the walls. So we spray-finished the doors with the same premium acrylic we used to coat the walls, with great results.


On your right we have the before shot of a stair comprising a wood tread (the part of the stair on which you walk) joined to a wood-composite stringer (the structures running along each side of the treads, supporting them and “stringing” them together).  
On your left we have the same stair after the finishes are applied to the stringers and bottoms of the treads. The wood treads are ash, and require a wiping stain followed with a clear lacquer, while the composite stringers require several coats of primer and paint with sanding between each coat to yield a smooth finish. These two surfaces require two different finishing systems and must be carefully isolated from each other while their respective finishes are applied. It’s a lot of work, but the finished stair looks fantastic.  

Finish Repair

Finishes can fail for all kinds of reasons – water damage, structural shifting, and improper application are just a few factors that can lead to problems. Good painting or staining work in a new home takes solid workmanship. But what about when things go wrong?
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You can see this home’s water damaged baseboard before and after the repair. We first match both the color and sheen of the existing trim.

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Then, after protecting the carpet and surrounding wall, we repair the damaged wood with a premium filler.
Finally we prime and spray-finish using a small touchup gun and a steady hand (left).


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